Welcome to Yoga Sanctuary

Yoga Sanctuary studio is unique to New Zealand. As a brand new architecturally designed studio, Yoga Sanctuary provides the ultimate – a beautiful warm and inviting space for you to start or develop your Yoga practice.

Complete with underfloor heating and a heat pump to cater for Christchurch’s wonderful weather patterns, your comfort is guaranteed year round.

A first and one of its kind in New Zealand, Yoga Sanctuary includes the Great Yoga Wall system (from the USA) specifically for traction work. The wall accessories are fully adjustable to suit any height, size or shape.

My studio props include wool blankets, NZ pine blocks, organic cotton straps, and hand crafted bolsters. These props are provided to help open and support your body in a variety of postures.  Yoga mats are also supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.