Yoga Classes

Beginners Yoga Course –  Wed 9am Thur 6pm Fri 9am

Optional to new students of Yoga Sanctuary with a maximum of 16 participants.

Every new student is invited to participate in this course where we will teach the moving principles of Yoga in a safe and warm environment. These moving principles will bring a depth and awareness to your postures to free the body from pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy Yoga Course – no course this term

Connect with mums/mums to be in a warm welcoming environment. The class will help relieve back pain, strengthen pelvic floor, build stamina for the impending birth, teach relaxation/breathing techniques and improve your sleep. Suitable for any stage of your pregnancy. Props such as bolsters, blankets, chairs, straps and mats are provided for your convenience.

General Yoga Course – Mon 9am, 6pm Tue 9am, 6pm Wed 6pm Thur 9am

Open to all levels

If you have practised yoga before and would like to commit to a class on a term basis then this is the course for you. Focusing on a specific theme each term to enable you to explore different aspects of the yoga tree. Enjoy connecting with the same participants each week and developing your practice together.

Release and Restore Yoga Course –  Wed 7.30pm

Open to all levels

Suitable for all levels of students, these classes are a perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga. With an emphasis on longer holds, this class will help heal connective tissue through mobilising and strengthening your joints and ligaments. You will experience deep release as you work through areas of the body that habitually hold tension and stress allowing you to leave feeling more open, content and incredibly relaxed.

Yoga Guys Course – Mon 7.30pm no course this term

Open to all levels

Suitable for any age, with the emphasis on postures particularly beneficial for men. Postures and movement that release tight hips, shoulders and hamstrings, and relieve back and neck pain. A slower paced class where you can honour your joints and past injuries to enable you to move freely in whatever activity or sport you choose.


Yoga for Equestrians

Private or Group Tuition – On or Off the Horse sessions available

These sessions produce desirable rider qualities such as awareness, balance, alignment, focus, flexibility, strength and relaxation – improving the performance and connection of both rider and horse. Held in the studio (Helmores Lane) or in the arena (Russley Rd). By appointment only

Private Individual Tuition

Recognise your uniqueness and fast track your progress.

One on one is the traditional way of passing down this ancient practice. We will work with the Great Yoga Wall and props, modifying the practice to meet your individual needs. This is ideal if you want to improve your athletic performance or are recovering from injury. Your investment is $80 for one hour including a personalised practice plan.


Numbers are limited in each course. You are able to receive “hands on adjustments” that larger studios cannot duplicate.

Teaching yoga on a course basis is the most effective way to deepen your understanding of all aspects of yoga. We can reaffirm what was learnt the previous week and keep building on this information.

All classes are run on a course basis and aligned with the NZ school terms. Payment is required in full prior to the course starting. All courses are one hour duration at an investment of $20 per class multiplied by the number of weeks in the term.