I have thoroughly enjoyed Justine teaching me yoga for over 5 years. During my pregnancies, Justine was fantastic and adapted postures to suit my individual ability. Post pregnancy yoga has allowed me to get back into shape, by strengthening and toning. Justine has continued to develop innovative yoga classes which challenge and allow me to further improve on my yoga practice. Alison Cousens


I am currently a full-time student studying a Diploma in Nutritional Science. I have one child, and like many people have a busy lifestyle, which makes time out for myself an important aspect of keeping a balanced life. I also practise Karate, and find that yoga and Karate complement each other, as they focus on the strength of both the body and mind. Yoga helps with increasing my flexibility which improves my Karate, as well as helping keeping me injury free. With small class sizes, Justine is able to help each client within their own capabilities, enabling us to work at our own physical level. Jane Syme


My husband and I both work full time and lead a busy and active lifestyle.  For fun we enjoy road cycling but find many miles in the saddle creates tired and sore leg muscles and a tight lower back. Practising yoga helps ease the tightness, creates core strength and also helps to align the spine, which all combined has improved our cycling. Not to mention, it is nice being able to practice yoga together. Justine is an inspiring, supporting and encouraging teacher.  Her clarity and enthusiasm create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. Ange and Chats Charity


We have attended a number of different schools and far prefer Justine’s class above any of the others. She offers small personal classes that always more than meet our expectations. She combines both a carefully constructed class with a good sense of humour. We will be long term attendees. Deb and Dave Kerr